Alexa Everywhere Group Not Working Spotify

Struggling with the 'Alexa Everywhere group not working on Spotify? Tried everything but had no luck? This article is for you!

I too recently experienced this issue. My search for a solution led me to online communities — the Alexa helpline, and Spotify's customer service. After doing some research I found various solutions.

In this article, I'll reveal the method that resolved my issue with 'Alexa Everywhere' on Spotify. I'll also share other successful strategies, inspired by user feedback for you to try.

Here’s How I Fixed Alexa Not Playing Music On All Devices Using Spotify

For months, I've enjoyed using Alexa to play Spotify music across all my Echo devices. Then out of the blue — my Alexa Everywhere group on Spotify ceased to function, without any changes from my end. It was a frustrating situation. 😤

After reaching out to Amazon's helpline (1-888-280-4331) and hunting for online solutions, I discovered a fix.

What worked for me was quite simple — I deleted and re-registered the 'Everywhere' group. Connected all my Echo devices on the same network, and reconnected my Spotify account.

Whew 😪, thankfully, the Everywhere group started functioning with my Spotify account.

However, it might not be the same for you. Don't worry, I'll share further methods that I discovered through online research and interactions with Spotify and Amazon helpline. Stay tuned!

Why won’t Alexa play Spotify Everywhere?

There could be a variety of reasons why Alexa won't play Spotify Everywhere.

Typically, the issues are:

  1. Echo devices not connected to the same Wi-Fi
  2. Certain Echo devices need a software update
  3. Potential iPhone-related problems
  4. Local device option being enabled in Spotify,
  5. Free Amazon Music account

Easy Steps To Fix Alexa Everywhere Group Not Working with Spotify

To Fix the Alexa Everywhere Group not working with Spotify — first, perform a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your iPhone. Next, restart your mobile device and all the speakers. Confirm all devices are on the same Wifi network. If issues persist, restart your network device (router or modem) and log out, then log back into Spotify.

If the issue persists even after following the above steps, it's time to consider some advanced solutions.

Here are some methods proposed by other users.

8 Advanced Ways to Fix Alexa Everywhere Group Not Working Spotify

Follow the below methods to resolve the annoying 'Alexa everywhere group not working on Spotify'.

1. Make Sure All Echo Devices Are Connected to the Same WiFi

I wanted to again emphasize this method because this was the main reason why my everywhere group wasn't working with Spotify.

Ensure all your Alexa Echo devices are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

Here's a simple way to check it and connect them to the same WiFi:

2. Remove Couple Of Echo Devices

A user found a solution by removing older Echo Dots from their group. This suggests that older devices or those needing a firmware update might cause issues.

I observed that one Echo device was missing in the 'Connect to a device' section of the Spotify app. After removing it from the Everywhere group, everything started functioning properly again.

— Alexa User

If you're using different types of Echo devices, this could be the problem. Remove the older ones and see if that helps. If not, then...

3. Remove and Relink your All Echo Devices from your Amazon Account

Consider UNLINKING your Echo devices from your Amazon account — in the Alexa app, tap on Device and scroll to the bottom — and then re-link them.

Yes, it might be a bit annoying, but it could help make Spotify work on all your Echo devices.

Quick Tip: If you're still having trouble, add devices one by one. This could help you find out if a specific device is causing the problem.

4. Update the Software of Your Echo Devices

If your Everywhere group isn't showing on Spotify App, check for an update of your all Echo devices.

For me, the issue was one device that hadn't updated. After I installed the latest update, the groups appeared on Spotify.

— Alexa User

Use Alexa to update to the latest software version for your Echo device. Say, "Alexa, check for software updates".

Here's how you can check the software update for all Echo devices

5. iPhone Might Causing the Issue

Some users claimed — they had issues on iPhones, but when they used a Mac, Android phone, or Windows computer to choose the 'Everywhere' group, it worked fine.

So, give it a shot on a Mac or an Android phone. If that solves it, check your iPhone settings to ensure Spotify has the necessary permissions.

6. Grant all Permissions in Your iPhone’s App Settings

Make sure your phone settings allow the Spotify app to have all the needed permissions.

This problem might be related to specific iPhone settings, as streaming to the 'Everywhere group' works from other devices.

Here's how to check it on your iPhone: Open settings > Scroll down and select Spotify App > Allow full access to Spotify.

Alexa Everywhere Group Not Working Spotify

7. Switch to Non-Prime Account

Still no luck after trying all the above steps? Removed all groups, reset the router, reinstalled the Alexa app and Spotify, and added all your Echo devices back? The problem might be linked to your Prime account.

Uninstall the Alexa app, create a new email or use a non-Prime one, reinstall the Alexa app, log in with the new email, and pair your Echo devices again. This solution helped a user in an online forum and might work for you too.

8. Make Sure “Local Devices Only” is Turned OFF on the Spotify

If the 'local devices only' option is enabled in your Spotify app, this could be causing the problem.

Here's how to disable it:

  1. Open Spotify and tap the settings icon in the top right corner.
  2. Choose the 'Devices' option.
  3. Switch off the 'show local devices only' option.
Alexa Everywhere Group Not Working Spotify
Steps to turn off the local devices only option in Spotify to resolve your Alexa everywhere group not working issue

Echo Multi Room Spotify Not Working

If the Spotify app isn't identifying multi room groups of Amazon Echo speakers and only streams music to each speaker separately rather than all at once, try this method:

Start by streaming Spotify to just one Echo device. Then say, "Alexa, play Spotify everywhere

Alexa Everywhere Speaker Group Not Showing Up on Spotify — Insights from Spotify Team

I recently found myself facing an unusual problem: my Alexa 'Everywhere Group' wouldn't appear on my Spotify app. I could connect to individual Echo devices, but the 'Everywhere' speaker group remained conspicuously absent.

After trying numerous solutions including uninstalling and reinstalling Alexa, disconnecting Spotify from Alexa both in the app and on the web and even recreating the speaker group.

I decided to reach out to Spotify's support team. Their response was:

If you're still facing the issue, we recommend performing a clean reinstallation of Spotify on your iPhone. After completing the reinstallation, be sure to restart both your mobile device and all the speakers.
If the problem persists, double-check that all devices are connected to the same network.

It's also worth restarting your network device (router or modem), then logging out and back into the Spotify app. Additionally, try connecting to a different network to see if the issue persists.

If it works fine on the alternate network, it would be beneficial to reach out to the service provider of your original network for further assistance

— Spotify support team

Spotify team recommended these steps:

  1. Performing a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on my iPhone
  2. Restart my mobile device and all connected speakers
  3. Make sure that all devices are connected to the same network.
  4. Restart my network device (router or modem)
  5. Log out and then back into the Spotify app.
  6. If the problem persisted after following these steps, they advised trying to connect to a different network.

If the issue was resolved on a different network, they proposed that the root of the problem might be with the service provider of my original network, and suggested reaching out to them for further assistance.


To resolve the issue of the 'Alexa Everywhere' group not working on the Spotify app, try these methods:

  1. Delete and re-register the 'Everywhere' group.
  2. Ensure all Echo devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Remove older Echo devices.
  4. Unlink and relink Echo devices from your Amazon account.
  5. Update the software of your Echo devices.
  6. Check iPhone settings and permissions.
  7. Switch to a non-Prime account.
  8. Disable the 'local devices only' option in Spotify.

I hope this article was helpful. 👇 LEAVE A COMMENT 👇 and share your thoughts on the method that worked for you and feel free to recount your experiences. By doing so, you'll be helping other users benefit from your insights.

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